Literacy Collaborative Professional Development

Literacy Coach Training

Intensive professional development (230 hours) across 12-15 months that prepares a literacy coach to implement the Literacy Collaborative Framework in a school. Literacy Coaches develop the capacity to train other teachers on-site at the building level through professional development and coaching.

Primary and Intermediate Team Planning (available on-site)

Team Planning is for a leadership group which will support and monitor the implementation of Literacy Collaborative or is focused on increasing achievement within their school.

Principals' Academy (open to principals, superintendents, and curriculum specialists)

Principals' Academy is designed for administrators, superintendents and curriculum leaders in Literacy Collaborative schools or those considering joining the Literacy Collaborative network.

Study the key role of the principal, how children learn to read and write, ways to support the Literacy Coach, how to quickly appraise the classroom environment, and how to increase student achievement. Learn to use evaluation tools that will help you monitor progress in teaching and learning as you support implementation of Literacy Collaborative.

Professional Development (open to current LC affiliated Literacy Coaches)

  • Primary Professional Development.
  • Intermediate Professional Development

Professional Development (open to all schools)

  • On-Site Professional Development (See below)
  • District Level Support (See below)
  • Single Site Visit (See below)

Comprehensive Literacy Framework

Begin your literacy professional development here!

  • June 5-7, 2018 (Choose primary or intermediate when registering.)

Three days of intensive study to prepare educators to improve K-6 reading achievement. Instructional contexts include: interactive read aloud, guided reading, reading workshop and writing about reading.